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Feeling generous? Then why not treat your friends to one of my books? And I'll sign and dedicate it to them personally! It'll make a very personal and thoughtful gift, which they will keep always, and I have written and published across a range of subjects, so there's surely something for just about everyone!


I have been writing and publishing since around the year 2000.


I am a genre best-selling author of six non-fiction true crime books, one biography, three self-help guides as well as two travel anthologies and one poetry collection about Bahrain where I lived for four years, and where I was also commissioned to produce and publish a quality book for the Kanoo family, one of the biggest Arab merchant families in the Gulf regions.


I have also written and published a number of Kindle ebooks on a range of topics and subjects – from bodybuilding to close protection and door supervision.


On top of this I founded and published Tough Talk, an acclaimed online magazine interviewing martial artists, boxers, combat specialists etc founded The Circuit magazine for the British Bodyguard Association, founded On The Doors, the UK's No magazine for Door Supervisors, and originally published the International Directory of Security & Close Protection.


I have also written a large number of articles for magazines and newspapers worldwide including: Gulf Insider, T Qatar, Gulf Weekly, Time Out, Signature, Absolute Lifestyle, Sur La Terre... and many others.

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CLICK HERE for more details on my bespoke Tribute book service, and the book I did in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the Kanoo family - one of the biggest merchant families in the Gulf region.



CLICK HERE for more details about On The Doors, the only lifestyle magazine in the world for those working security in clubs, bars and venues across the UK, and beyond!



CLICK HERE to view the Discover Bahrain magazine at ISSUU, a magazine I compiled, edited and published for the Discover Bahrain 2014 delegation.

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I am currently based near Norwich, Norfolk


T: + 44 (0) 7508 833433

WhatsApp + 44 (0) 7508 833433





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