Aparna Shere

Aparna was born and grew up in Pune, India which is not only a historical and beautifully scenic city, but one of the main educational hubs of the country. Self taught, she didn’t learn painting from any traditional school or university instead, Aparna is an artist of nature, by nature and for nature, and expresses the amazing landscapes she sees around the world through her spectacular artworks.

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Balqees Fakhro

Bahrain based Balqees is a graduate of University of San Francisco, USA (Lone Mountain College) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Art History. From 1976 until the present day, she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally, regionally and internationally, and has been awarded several accolades and prizes.

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Catherine Bassig-Paje

Born in Manila, growing up in the province of Bulacan, Filipino artist Catherine started drawing before she learned to write. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, and a few years learning her craft painting stage designs, she now teachs, motivates and inspires other young artists to believe in themselves and their art.
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Ella Prakash

A lifelong fascination with painting shapes, celebrated Indian artist Ella Prakash has successfully exhibited her work internationally, including at galleries and venues in London, New York, Miami and Germany, and through her exhibitions she has demonstrated a clear evolution in her approach to art and its truly limitless power.

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Faiza Saeed

Bahraini mosaic artist Faiza was exposed to the beauty and power of art and design at a very young age, but it wasn't until she stumbled upon a book of amazing mosaic art that she found her new passion and discipline, and became the first Bahraini certified mosaic artist in the Kingdom.

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Mariam Haji

Mariam Haji is a Bahraini multi-disciplinary contemporary fine artist who currently lives and works between Finland and Bahrain. She represented the Kingdom of Bahrain in the 55th Venice Biennale 2013, and in 2012 was the winner of Bahrain's 38th National Fine Art Competition for her Muse series. Mariam has also been invited to lead several artist talks at leading art institutions worldwide including: Mathaf Arab Museum Of Modern Art in Doha, The Ministry of the People's Republic of China in Beijing, and the Corner College in Zurich, Switzerland. Her work from the 55th Venice Biennale is on public display at the National Theatre in Bahrain as part of the permanent collection of The National Museum of Bahrain.

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Minika S.K

Bahrain born, of Indian origin, Minika SK's paintings depict optimism, steering the viewer towards an era of imagery; reflections not only of herself, but of her various experiences of life. Her paintings reflect a wide array of emotions and thoughts, connecting viewers to some part of themselves.

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Morteza Shamissa

Iranian artist Morteza's father was a painter and so, even from an early age, he was familiar with the visual arts. When Morteza was just eight years old, his father enrolled him in a Persian calligraphy class, and it was then that he began learning the art of calligraphy (Nasta'ligh).

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Nathaly Jung

Growing up in Algeria, Nathaly's love of art came from her father, who was a patron of the arts, supporting Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian artists. They would visit art galleries together, and admire the work of local artists who would often pass by their house to show their latest work. Her passion for embroidery also started very young, when she used to watch her mother and grandmother embroider her dolls' dresses, and every Easter, Nathaly and her family would visit the nuns from the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette in the Algerian Sahara, who taught embroidery to the women of remote villages across the region.

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Neda Jahrami

Having a story behind each of Bahraini artist Neda's pieces is highly important to her; for each character she creates unique and often morbid stories that have a dark twist, where the characters either take charge of their own fate, or have gruesome events unfold around them, eventually leading them to their unhappily ever after.
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Nermeen Afzal

Nermeen was born in Pakistan and spent four years in Zimbabwe as a child, and the cultures of these countries have inspired her greatly. Her thoughts and emotional state greatly directs her motivation to create artwork, which she hopes reflects peace, hope and freedom.

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Preeti Rana

Travel, serenity and music has lead Indian artist Preeti to discoveries that she describe in paintings, and verse and movement has always been her main contemplation. Whirling dervishes were hence an obvious model, with their flowing skirts and dance form. Yet, through them, she discovered that real movement was less about physical displacement and more about the trajectory of the heart and mind towards understanding and discovery.

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Riddhi Nair

Indian artist Riddhi works largely on Madhubani, a traditional Indian art form practised by locals of the regions it originates. Her themes are deeply influenced by her roots, culture and childhood memories, expressing loudly with vivid colours on canvas her inner emotions, thoughts and feelings.

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Sana Asad

Pakistani born Sana Asad started her career as a fashion designer, but turned her passion for design into teaching when her family moved to Saudi Arabia. It was there that she started taking art classes at different art studios, explored different techniques. She started creating her own mixed-media paintings inspired by Walt Disney, and illustrators Brittney Lee and Marry Blair.

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Shahnaz Al-Qassab

Bahraini artist Shahnaz draws what touches her heart. She is inspired by everything, everywhere, and at all times, and is fascinated with the details of the eyes; drawing them really interests her. She does play with colours from time to time, but for Shahnaz, drawing in black, white and shades of grey is much more interesting.

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Shahram Soltani

The elements of colour and line are vitally important in Bahraini artist Shahram's art; they are beautifully blended, creating a unique style, where the emotions of love and happiness, joy and delight are often manifested within the viewer.

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Tahira Ansari

Based in Saudi Arabia, Pakistani artist Tahira repaints, redos, refinishes, restores and turns forgotten pieces of furniture into works of art; furniture to be once again admired and desired.

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Tejbir Singh

While nature has always been a major source of inspiration for Tajbir, his surroundings and environment are what really inspires him, and he is creatively drawn towards the inherent and somewhat mysterious beauty of buildings.

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Yusra Ahmed

In 1994, after graduating with a Masters in architecture in Moscow and to escape the Yemeni civil war, Yemeni artist Yusra and her husband and 4 year-old son, moved to Bahrain. From her early days being immersed in Russian arts and culture, Yusra always had a fascination with the subject, but she soon found could never be satisfied with the stringent theory and methodology of realism; in her eyes its rigid rules and order give no real room for self-expression.

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