Gaye Bentham

British photographer Gaye Bentham has exhibited at a number of galleries across the Kingdom of Bahrain, and has had her work featured in many local and regional magazines including Time Out. On top of this, she has been published by National Geographic, and has five times been shortlisted for National Geographic online assignments.

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Ghada Khunji

Multi-award winning Bahraini photo-journalist Ghada Khunji travels the world documenting ordinary people and their ordinary lives. Ghada is bold and brave and fearless, and her images both amaze and shock; they greet you with a smile and kick you in the teeth at the same time.

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Hafsa Qasim

Twenty-two year-old Bahraini photographer Hafsa started taking pictures early in 2012, when her parents gave her her first digital camera. At first she took photos of everyone and everything, but it wasn't long before the street became her passion and inspiration; capturing the raw human elements and revealing an extra layer of the personality of her subjects.

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Ishaq Madan

Twenty-five year-old Bahraini photographer Ishaq Madan first indulged in photography at the age of around ten, when he started taking photographs of his family during vacations abroad and, encouraged by his mother to sharpen his skills, his passion for the art developed. Ishaq's first book of photography titled: Sweet Dreams, Bahrain will be released soon.

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Jodie Baker

Australian photographer Jodie Baker found her passion for photography in her early 20s when she started travelling the world. Her goal in every shoot is to capture a moment in time, and of people, places and things that tell a story.
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Loredana Mantello

Not being able to express her thoughts through writing or painting, photography was the only way Italian photographer Loredana could exhibit her state of mind and her  emotions. It all started when she was in her 20s and had gone to Boston, USA, to work as an assistant in a dark room laboratory. It was then that she discovered her real passion and desire for photography.
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Malek Nass

Bahraini photograpgher Malek has always been fascinated by different cultures and countries. He believes that in order to create beautiful art, he must first be able to absorb everything around him, and the more he absorbs, the more he is able to express this experience through photography.

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Shikha Varma

Shikha ventured into the world of photography quite by accident when she came up with an idea to create a short video called Paint It Red - based on photos that had at least one red object in it. Eventually she ended up using 125 objects from nearly 500 photographs, at different angles, apertures and focal lengths, of things as varied as toys and tomatoes, flowers and her guitar. From that first project, her work has gone onto grace the walls of a number of photography exhibitions and galleries.

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Summer Ameen

Bahraini photographer Summer's interest in photography began in her late teens, during the summer before going to university. She would go around Bahrain photographing buildings that spoke to her; mostly old abandoned houses and apartment buildings that were full of untold stories. She wanted to capture the emotion inside the broken concrete, fallen metal, and chipped paint. Yet it was only after completing her BA in Filmmaking that she started to take photography more seriously as a craft and developed her technical skills.

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