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Chandra Gurung

Chandra writes in his native language Nepali. Social and political issues, the predicament of human life, people around him and the present deficiencies of humanity are often subjects of his poetry. He has an anthology of poetry to his credit, and is working a second anthology to be released soon.

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Examples of Chandra's work available in English



Hameed AlQaed

Since his third year in Primary School, acclaimed Bahraini poet Hameed found himself full of a passion for reading; “I read a great many books, although I don’t really remember if someone actually encouraged or motivated me to read. But later, when I started searching for the person or people in my life who did indeed implanted in me this passion, I found that it was only me, and nobody else.”

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Examples of Hameed's work available in English


Lonita Nugrahayu

A year after her first book Words of Sunset was published, Indonesian poet Lonita Nugrahayu chats about her love of words and poetry, and what motivates and inspires her to write.

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Examples of Lonita's work available in English


Seher Hashmi

It was her mother's intense love for poetry that first motivated Pakistani poet Seher to start writing. Barriers, inequality and divisions sorting out human beings into predefined boxes are themes she consistently explores in her work. She believes that words, if used appropriately, truthfully and thoughtfully, can revolutionize this world.

Interview approx 850 words
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Examples of Seher's work available in English



Vaijayantee Bhattacharya

Indian writer and poet Vaijayantee's first anthology of poems titled Mosaic Vision was published in 2017, and depicts her perceptions, experiences and emotions like a tapestry of colourful threads, intertwined, and yet at times stark and contradictory.

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Examples of Vaijayantee's work available in English




Zahra Zuhair

Sri Lankan poet Zahra has been writing since the age of fourteen, and been on a journey ever since  to discover her identity as a poet. Most of her poetry and prose is written to convey a message that she hopes readers can discover. She is currently working on a book about marriage and divorce, and a compilation of poetry about human emotions and the turbulent nature they can possess.

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Examples of Zahra's work available in English


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