Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Ahmed

Bahraini sculptor Dr. Ahmed has been interested in art and photography since his high-school years back in the 1950s. But, in 2003, after retiring from a career in medical administration, he became specifically interested in creating steel, wood and bronze sculptures.
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Nomi Rajan

Pakistani glass sculptor Nomi gets a lot of her inspiration from nature, plants and the ocean, and often a simple thing like the colours within a leaf can inspire her. For her, there is no other medium as beautiful and as versatile as glass.

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Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa

One of the most prominent contemporary artists in the Middle East, Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa has earned a reputation for experimenting with different art forms, gaining him exposure at prominent art events worldwide. While keeping a contemporary approach to his work, he ensures the themes he explores are deeply rooted in tradition yet created to embrace the modern world.
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Sudeep Deshpande

With his father a sculptor and his mother a musician, Indian sculptor Sudeep grew up heavily influenced in art and the arts. His sculpture is influenced by the behavioural patterns of the people he sees around him; their own geometry, their own lines, their own mass and their own space.

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