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Bahrain has a huge appetite for the arts. It is a cultural, multi-cultural, diverse and tolerant country, with a real love of both the contemporary and the traditional, and so Bahrain Arts Magazine features both emerging new artists, as well as established professionals; looking at what they do and why they do it, as well as exploring what really motivates and inspires them, and showcasing examples of their work.


We don't review, we don't critique, nor do we analyse or examine, we just showcase and demonstrate to the world the wealth of Bahraini and Bahrain based artistic talent.


Since its inception March 2018, we have extensively profiled...

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  • 7 POETS
  • and 1 AUTHOR


With many more planned...


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MY BEAUTIFUL BAHRAIN -  A collection of short stories and poetry about life and living in the Kingdom of Bahrain

ISBN: 978-1507774427


With lots of fascinating personal 'life' stories, quite a few tourist-type information and fact based contributions, some wonderful poetry, an occasional piece of fiction (set on the island) and a mixture of other diverse and captivating prose, with 50 contributions from 40 writers from 15 countries, My Beautiful Bahrain is both varied and unique, and an undeniably indispensable guide for travellers and visitors to the island, as well as a 'must-read' book for people living here, doing business here, or just interested in what life is like living on this tiny, tiny island in the Arabian Gulf.


Compiled by Robin Barratt with: Aaron Maree, Ana Corradini Boreland, Anita Menon, B.M.Engel, Bron Vanzino, Catherine Purchase, David Hollywood, DaVonda St.Clair, Dilraz Kunnummal, Eva Burns, Fahad Ali, Faridah Serajul Haq, Fatima Dincsoy, Hameed Al Qaed, Hasina Patel, Heera Nawaz, Jim Scalise, Joanne Jones, Kathleen Dodd, Kevin Howarth, Lillian Mills, Lorraine Charlesworth, Madhavi Tiwary, Maeve Kelynack Skinner, Mary Coons, Nadia Muijrers, Namit Bhatia, Natasha Khan, Nawf Al Basam, Omar Ahmed, Osama Arshad, Phari Poitier, Pooja Rajpal Kasala, Rohini Sunderam, S Krishna Kumar, Shauna Nearing Loej, Steve Royston and Zahra Zuhair.


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Ghotewritten by Robin Barratt for S A Kanoo


With 64 personal contributions from 10 countries, ghostwritten, compiled, produced and published for a member of the Kanoo family, my remit for A Tribute to Abdulla Ali Kanoo was for it to be a unique, private, book from family, friends and business colleagues, for family, friends and business colleagues, celebrating the life of Abdulla Ali Kanoo, an esteemed businessman and well-loved , friend and family member.


Mr. Abdulla Ali Kanoo was an extraordinary pioneering Bahraini businessman who went into Saudi Arabia in the late 1940s, when the region was still extremely tough and very under-developed, and over the following sixty years, built the family business Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo from its very modest and humble beginning, to one of the biggest independent Arab owned family conglomerates in the region.


Over the years and up until his death on the 10/10/10, Abdulla had worked with, inspired, helped and influenced a great many people, some of whom are featured here in their own individual tribute to this great man.


A Tribute to Abdulla Ali Kanoo is a unique book from family, friends and business colleagues recounting wonderful, fascinating and sometimes very funny stories of their time with him, and is a rare and very personal insight into the life of a visionary and unique business leader.


Reference from S.A.Kanoo: “Due to circumstances following my father's death, we had little time, yet Robin Barratt produced an excellent book which my father, God bless his soul, would have been proud of. Not only of the content, but the layout and printing and cover was done in good style too. Robin has a gentle and respectful way of interviewing people of all walks of life, and made them feel comfortable to talk. Yet he has a quick intellect and common sense which is why I enjoyed working with him on the book, his knowledge on the entire process is priceless.”


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A Tribute Book
Compiled, edited by me, published under your name, Tribute Books are quality, bespoke, privately published books dedicated to a particular person (or persons), either still living or having passed away. There is no better way to commemorate and celebrate someone's life than with a book. Even in this often impersonal, virtual world, quality books are still held in such high esteem; books are a honourable and noble; books last a lifetime; books can be read time and time again; and books can be passed down from generation to generation.


Allow me to help you pay tribute to the life of someone special with their very own, very special book.  If you are interested in producing your own Tribute, book, and would like a hardcopy of A Tribute to Abdulla Ali Kanoo, please CONTACT ME.


MORE OF MY BEAUTIFUL BAHRAIN -  More short stories and poetry about life and living in the Kingdom of Bahrain

ISBN: 978-1507681312


Following on from My Beautiful Bahrain, written by both locals and expats with fascinating personal 'life' stories, tourist-type information and fact based contributions, some wonderful poetry and compelling fiction (set in the Kingdom), More of My Beautiful Bahrain is another varied and unique collection of short stories and poetry about life and living on this tiny little island in the Arabian Sea. Twenty-seven chapters by 24 writers including; English, Irish, American, Canadian, Pakistani, Indian, Palestinian, Kuwaiti, Australian, Nepalese, Yemeni and German, with contributions from Bahraini writers too, this is a must-read for travellers and visitors to the island, as well as for people moving there, living there, doing business there, or just interested in what life is like there.


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POETIC BAHRAIN - A collection of contemporary poetry about the Kingdom of Bahrain


Forty-seven poems by twenty-five poets from ten countries, Poetic Bahrain is a wonderful, unique and eclectic mixture of both traditional and modern verse, focusing on Bahrain; its people, its culture and its way of life. A must read if you love Bahrain and you love poetry.


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