International Protective and Security Academy—PSA Academy™

The International Protective and Security Academy® (PSA-Academy™) is a private, independent Adult Educational Institute that was established in 2004 in Hungary with the purpose of providing professional education and training for defence and security personnel especially in the Law enforcement, Military, Maritime/MSO and the different professional areas of the personal protection as an BG, CPO, EP, PSD, PMC. But nowadays it has official representations in several countries in the EU furthermore it also owns main regional educational centers outside the EU, like in Africa (Nigeria), Asia (Malaysia), Middle East (Israel), the US (Georgia).

PSA-Academy™ offers one of the best cutting-edge reality based trainings as well as the high level of knowledge and skills for those seeking for professional studies to upgrade their professional abilities and the effectiveness function at their organization.


Therefore the Academy has got recognition and qualification from more international and national awarding bodies, educational and professional organisations and institutes. Its trainings are realistic, professional and high quality, which exceed the requirement system of SIA and recognized  in several countries around the world. - but at the same time it also operates as a recognised training provider and overseas centre of the SIA approved security trainings.

The PSA-Academy™ as a recognition of its outstanding professional programs, especially the PSA bodyguard program has got international recognition and qualifications from one of the largest professional associations from the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (I.B.S.S.A.) - as an accredited institution for security and anti-terrorism sciences all over the world.


PSA-Academy™ operates as an official training center of I.B.S.S.A in the field of security education, with special regard to the field of bodyguarding. - therefore the Academy through official IBSSA's representations in nearly 120 countries can be able to carry out own developed educational programs.- therefore the PSA's graduates, who successfully stand in all course requirements, will be eligible to a professional international diploma, and bodyguard badge and ID-card of the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA), acknowledged in the world and are professionally recognized both in the private and public sector.


If you have valid PSA's Diploma or Certificate in return for a plus administration fee an American and Israeli certificate may be available.

The PSA Academy™ is a full member of the PSA International Company Group™.


The PSA International Company Group™ is one of the best cutting-edge personal protection & security services and special defence and security training providers for several military and government agencies and UN but it operates in the private security industry too worldwide.


The Academy provides initial trainings as well as advanced and comprehensive trainings to all levels of professionals in the field of defense and safety who are employed by both the government organizations and private security industry.


Founders and instructors are fully committed to the cause and worked for a long time as highly trained and certified security and anti-terrorist professionals, experts, consultants, and trainers. Each teacher and instructor bring a wealth of knowledge gained from their specific personal experiences in dealing with the issues, and all colleagues benefit from this.


In addition the Academy uses guest lecturers for specific trainings and modules, considering the requirements of the professional and Client as well.

The goal of PSA is to train protective specialists, CPOs, high leaders and instructors, who not only accomplish their tasks but due to their high level of training  and life experience can organize and coordinate different security duties and can think in complex protective system.

Those attend our special courses and seminars will receive up to date, and modern practical and not only theoretical knowledge, furthermore their own practical experience will help their future employer, and due to their high level of skills they can also be employed to governmental and civil sectors.

Our clients include both government agencies involved in broad range of national security issues (law enforcement, intelligence, defense, domestic security) and private sector corporations, that either work in these same fields or are interested in improving the capabilities of their analysts in general.

This example includes the Security Managers, employed by governmental agencies or private firms, Private Investigators, and VIP'S Bodyguards and others special areas.
The training programs of the PSA Academy™ is done with the specially crafted and assembled educational material and themes based on the experiences and knowledge used by the qualified security professionals, anti-terrorist experts, agents and protection officers working in various areas of security and protection considering the national and international regulations and standards as well.

The PSA Academy™ management retains independence therefore it will not accept any educational tendencies or sytems reiterating that they are the best but in response to the professional challanges rather combines and exploits the advantages of these recognized educational systems, methods, and techniques and in the educational regions (Europe, the US, Africa, Asia etc.) educates up-to-date and most useful techniques and knowledge.

Trainings present and use British, American, Russian and Israeli methods and techniques as well. As a result, to reach their goal the management of the PSA is open to profession based cooperation and can cooperate other educational centres and instructors with outstanding performance in their own professional fields to provide high quality training services for students, clients and corporate customers.

The satisfaction of the market and the needs, of the clientele, with the consideration of the modern age, international terrorism and the new crime-committing devices and methods were also top priority in the development and structuring of the educational material, not counting the professional challenges.

Main training Programs:

  • Bodyguard/CPO/EP/HECPO/PSD/PMC
  • Firearms and Shooting program
  • Tactical medic program
  • Maritime Security Program
  • Law enforcement and Military training program
  • SIA Approved Security Trainig courses

...and much more
HQ (UK) Tel: +44 (0) 790 8700 446 

Hungary: +36 70 410 9955




Facebook: @PSAAcademyInternational

Instagram: @PSAAcademyInternational

Twitter: @psaacademy






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