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Former nightclub doorman and bodyguard, now genre best-selling author, writer, publisher and motivator, Robin's 101 Inspirational Quotes is a collection of his own quotes about life, love, living and personal development, and how to set about making a real, everlasting change in your own life, as well as in the life of others around you. Accompanying each quote are also a few personal thoughts about that specific quote, making it more individual and meaningful to the reader wanting to grow, develop and make a real change in his or her life. A must-read if you're feeling low, or feel stuck or disillusioned with life and struggling to change. As Robin says; “There is no sign above your head to say you must live this way or that way; you can live anyway you want! You can find love, be adored, adore, have a job you love, travel the world, experience wonderful things, have wonderful friends. You can do virtually anything you want; you just need to firstly want to do it, and then secondly, find a way to do it!”


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101 Inspirational Quotes by Robin Barrat[...]
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Do you believe in the power of doing good? Are you convinced that if you do good deeds, good things will happen to you in turn? Would you like to live by this rule and learn to create positive energy wherever you go? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you won’t want to be without The Little Book of Good Energy. Find out about the different kinds of energy, including lust, love, disrepair and empathic energy. Learn new ways to generate and maintain good energy, about how the Universe balances itself and why this can help you remain positive at all times. Discover a more harmonious way of living and co-existing with others in this essential self-help guide. This book will appeal to anyone who believes in the power of positive thought and doing good. Be sure to keep it with you at all times to ensure that you always maintain patterns of good energy, not only for yourself but to pass on to others.

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If you don't want to lead an ordinary life... don't do ordinary things!


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