Do you love your country? Your town or city, or the region where you live?

If so, then why not sponsor a My Beautiful book?


Supported by a local businesses, My Beautiful  books are collections of short stories and poetry about life and living in a particular country, region or city.





Possible examples:

  • My Beautiful Bermuda - A collection of short stories and poetry about life and living on the island of Bermuda
  • My Beautiful Yorkshire - A collection of short stories and poetry about life and living in the English county of Yorkshire
  • My Beautiful New York - A collection of short stories and poetry about life and living in the city of New York.
  • My Beautiful Andalucia - A collection of short stories and poetry about life and living  in Spain's Andalucia.


However, My Beautiful  books are not traditional travel guides; they are unique, fascinating and often compelling collections of stories and poetry positively showcasing living and life in that particular location.


Magazines are quickly discarded, books however are kept and read time and time again. Even in this often impersonal virtual world, books are still held in high esteem; books are a honourable and noble; books last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation.


If you are a business, and want to tell thousands of others about the region/place where you live and work, there is no better way than with a My Beautiful book. Sponsorship is for the lifetime of the book, and books last forever; the shelf life of most books is an average of between 8 and 10 years but now with Print On Demand, books never go out of print and are always available.


Whatever your business, as long as it is local to the book's title, you can sponsor a My Beautiful book.


Sponsorship covers the time it takes to compile, edit and publish the book, and the basic costs of travelling around collecting stories, talking to and interviewing people etc, as well as interviews with local newspapers, magazines, TV and the local online media about the book, and putting a call-out for submissions from other poets and writers, writers' groups and organisations keen to contribute.


My Beautiful books are generally between 60 and 90,000 words in length and can take between 3 to 6 months to complete. Once there are enough contributions to complete the book, the book will then be compiled, edited, formatted, registered and published.

My Beautiful books will then be made available from Amazon websites worldwide as both a paperback and Kindle. They will also be available for sale at bookshops, tourist offices and other retailers across that particular region/location. ALSO, to maximize readership, ALL of My Beautiful  books will be permanently FREE to download from their own dedicated website, and FREE to read on e-platforms including ISSUU, Facebook  etc.


Sponsorship includes:


SPONSORED BY... and your name and logo on the inside first page.
SPONSORED BY... and your name and logo on the book's website and Facebook page.
Your business profile as a sponsor at the back of the book.
 Your logo on media boards at book launch and events and on publicity including press releases, flyers, book launch invites, book readings etc., etc.


And, most importantly, recognition as supporting your city/place/region/country.


My Beautiful books will be read by tens of thousands of people, not just locally, but globally!


VIEW MY BEAUTIFUL BAHRAIN BELOW. If you cannot see the book (on some smart phones and in some countries) CLICK HERE to view at ISSUU directly.



Would you like to commission your own My Beautiful book about country/city/region where you live? CONTACT ME for further details.

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