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Tribute Books are commissioned by a person or business and can be based upon someone living, highlighting the work they have done, or their roles within a family or community, or on someone deceased, as a wonderful and timeless way of both honouring and awarding them. The book is made up of specific chapters about the subject based on accolades, anecdotes and reminiscing, normally with accompanying images. Tribute books can take from between three months to a year to complete, either full-time or part-time, depending upon the subject and number of chapters/contributions. Some people prefer to write their own chapter, whereas others prefer to be interviewed, especially if English isn't their first language. Chapters can range from a few words and a couple of images, to many pages and many images, again depending on the book, the subject and the people contributing.

Click below to read A TRIBUTE TO ABDULLA ALI KANOO commissioned by SA Kanoo.

If for any reason the link above doesn't work, CLICK HERE to go directly to ISSUU online. CONTACT ME if you would like a copy.

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