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Robin Barratt is Britain's most travelled bouncer. In twenty years he has worked the doors all over the UK and in that time he also became a close protection expert, martial artist and bodyguard. He has seen friends shot dead beside him and has set out to shoot people himself. He has been to the brink and back. Yet Barratt belies the archetype of a `bouncer.' He is well-spoken, well-read and formidably well-travelled - though you cross him at your peril. He began his career cleaning up bikers' pubs in Norwich before being exposed by The Times for a steroid-dealing ring. In Manchester he encountered some of the most violent gangs in the country, experiences he put to use working in trouble spots including Bosnia, Israel, Nigeria and Russia. Written with pace, humour and unflinching honesty, Doing The Doors is an inside account of the life of a modern-day door security specialist and a riveting insight into a twilight world. Search ISBN: 978-1903854198 in your country's Amazon book store.





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Following on from the success of his best selling book Doing the Doors, doorman, bodyguard, ex-mercenary and martial arts expert Robin Barratt recalls more hard-hitting stories from his frequently violent life on nightclub doors around the UK. Barratt also records a few incredible and often hilarious takes from his time as a bodyguard in France, Russia and the Ukraine. After being sent to clean up one of the most famous nightclubs in Paris, Barratt found himself 'hanging out' with a top Hollywood actor. In the Ukraine he came up against corrupt officials, and in Russia he worked alongside ex-Russian Special Forces. Confessions of a Doorman starts by chronicling his steroid related heart attack at the age of just 43. Describing a lifetime of violence, turmoil and confusion, as well as his controversial opinions on the Security Industry Authority and his thoughts on what makes a first-rate doorman, Confessions is frequently comical, often shocking, occasionally heart-warming and written with Robin's usual style of pace, humour and honesty. Search ISBN: 978-1507754931 in your country's Amazon book store.



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Bouncers and Bodyguards is a collection of astonishing true stories about the tough world of personal protection and nightclub doors from some of Britain's most notorious figures. Read how Charlie Bronson helped his friends out on the doors of his local in the early '70s before being banged up for well over 30 years; how Dave Courtney misses the violent world of the doors; how ex-football hooligan Mickey Francis ran most of Manchester's doors back in the '80s; and how an ex-Foreign Legion bodyguard spent over a week cooped up in a bleak warehouse guarding Iraqi votes in central Baghdad. By turns funny, sad and shocking, these candid accounts were written exclusively for this publication by individuals who have spent much of their working lives in what is a volatile, violent and frequently unpredictable industry. Compiled by former bodyguard, ex-mercenary and well-known nightclub bouncer Robin Barratt, Bouncers and Bodyguards is an exposé of an infamous twilight world about which rumours have often circulated but the truth has never really been uncovered - until now. Search ISBN: 978-1845964580 in your country's Amazon book store.



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In this increasingly violent and troubled world, people demand to be respected. But what is exactly is respect? Is it learned or earned? How do you go from being a 'nobody' to a 'somebody'? How do you respect others and equally how can you get other people to respect you? Can you only be truly respected if you have a reputation? There is probably no one more qualified to talk about respect and reputation in prison than Charles Bronson. Tagged one of the most violent prisoners in the UK, Charlie has spent over thirty years in solitary confinement, is respected by both prisoners and wardens alike and has a fearsome and frightening reputation. In complete contrast, although he has spent much of his life surrounded by violence, former bouncer and bodyguard Robin Barratt would now prefer to take a passive path away from any conflict. In this fascinating book, Barratt and Bronson examine in detail respect and reputation including how to behave in prison, how to treat other prisoners, how to be a great door supervisor, when to show respect, how to gain the respect of others and ultimately how to develop an awesome reputation both in prison, on the doors and in life generally. With lots of real life anecdotes as well as contributions from many other hard men (and a few women), this gripping book takes its reader into the psychology of a world rarely explored. Search ISBN: 978-1906358815 in your country's Amazon book store.





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No real hard bastard needs to brag or bully; most are modest, thoughtful and quiet. They have nothing to prove, as opposed to wannabe tough guys, who may pump themselves full of steroids or devote themselves to the study of a martial art, but can they handle themselves during an aggressive confrontation?


It is the real hard bastard's absolute willingness to fight literally anyone, his ability to be uncompromisingly violent, his complete lack of fear, and unwillingness to admit defeat that makes him stand out in a crowd. A real hard bastard exudes an unmistakable air of confidence and authority.


The full list of Hard Men is: Geoff Thompson (Former British nightclub bouncer and world-famous martial artist. Now a BAFTA-award-winning writer); Thomas Silverstein (America's most dangerous prisoner); Arthur White (Once one of London's most notorious debt collectors. Now reformed and a Christian); Tom Taylor (A former US Presidential bodyguard); Don Murfet (Minder to the rock band Led Zeppelin); Charlie Bronson (Britain's most violent prisoner - also an artist and writer); Gary Alexander (Full-contact fighting champion of North America); Roy Shaw (British bare-knuckle fighting champion; Ali vs Tyson; Hard Bastards: what exactly are they?; Noel 'Razor' Smith (Former British gangster serving multiple life sentences); Street Kings & Bare-Knuckle Fighters (the toughest of them all); Mike Tyson (Boxer); The Krays (Britain's most infamous gangsters); Dave 'Boy' Green (British boxer); Luciano Leggio (Sicilian gangster); Bob Honiball (Martial arts expert currently training Eastern European special forces); Peter Rollack aka 'Pistol Pete' (New York City gang member); Gregory Peter John Smith (Australian bandit); John Brawn (Ireland's hardest man, martial artist and bouncer); William Coss (Just a regular US citizen put in an extreme situation); Mickey Francis (Manchester's most notorious football thug and gangster, now a professional wrestler); Jake LaMotta (Boxer); Vladimir Bogomolov (Soviet bodyguard); Big Joe Egan (Probably the hardest white man on the planet); Dennis Martin (Doorman, bodyguard and Liverpool's hardest man). Search ISBN: 978-1849013673 in your country's Amazon book store.





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Britain's Toughest Women spotlights some of the toughest female bodyguards, bouncers, bodybuilders, boxers, martial artists and MMA fighters in the UK; women who live, work or play in a tough world. Biography based chapters, looking at their past, present and plans for the future, what inspires and motivates them, and why they do what they do! For some it's having a tough, challenging or traumatic upbringing, or feeling an underachiever at home or at school, or being bullied, or abused, or being pushed into things by their friends or family, or just overcoming life's challenges. For others it's solely their mindset and attitude, or simply following their dreams. It can be all sorts of things, and each person has their own, unique and fascinating story. All the women featured here have chosen to be recognised for doing something exceptional and different; from working on the front-line in Iraq, to standing on stage as a competitive bodybuilder or entering the arena as an MMA fighter or boxer. This book not only aims to spotlight these incredible women, but aims to motivate and inspire others, and to show that whatever background you're from, and whatever life's challenges and difficulties you've had, you can achieve too. Search ISBN: 978-1507754931 in your country's Amazon book store.

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