Urban Combat


ISBN: 978-1542831697


Not looking so much at traditional martial arts, but at the more urban and lesser known specific combat systems and styles, written by sensei and professional instructors around the world, A Professionals' Guide... profiles the following 24 systems; Agni Kempo, Applied Eskrima, Awareness Response Delivery (ARD), Bartitsu, Combat Ju-Jutsu, Concept Martial Arts, Etiquette Close Quarter Combat & Control, Escrima Concepts, Fight Fortress, Hard Target Combat System, Israeli Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Karate as a Self-Defense System, Knives & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (KEWAP), Kwon Bup, MeanStreets, Muay Thai as a Self-Defense System, Pankration, Progressive Kenpo, Real Combat System, Stage Combat, Sphere Combat System, Total Krav Maga and V.I.P.A. Tactical Training System, from professional combat specialists around the world including; Master Virgil O. Cavada, Founder And Head Instructor,  Applied Eskrima Global, Close Quarters Eskrima And Filipino Martial Arts; David Hahn the IKMA (Israeli Krav Maga Association) United States Chief Instructor; Sensei Kevin O’Hagan 7th Dan Master’s grade in Combat Jujutsu; Nick Maison currently the most qualified Krav Maga  instructor in the UK; Peter Ellis 7th Degree Black Sash - Kung Fu; Tyrrel Francis Royal Navy karate champion, British WPKA kickboxing and WAKO kickboxing champion; Agni Kempo Grandmaster Yuri Kostrov and many others!!


With over 70 images, this is an excellent guide for anyone looking to find the right combat or self-defence training, and a thought-provoking insight into the mind-sets, philosophies and training principles of some of the most renown urban combat specialists in the world today. CLICK HERE to read the INTRODUCTION.


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