ADDICTION – A collection of poetry and short prose from writers around the world on the themes of dependence and addiction.


SUICIDE 2 – More poetry and short prose from writers around the world on the themes of suicide and self-harm.


You can write about anything to do with the themes of dependence and addiction or suicide and self-harm from either your own thoughts, feelings and/or personal experiences - past or present - or from friends, family and people close to you.


Addictions can include: alcohol, tobacco, opioids (like heroin), prescription drugs, cocaine, cannabis etc., behavioural addictions like gambling, food (eating), sex, pornography, or any other dependency or addiction.


You can, of course, write under your real name or a pseudonym. You can be a complete novice, with little or no writing experience, or a seasoned writer with many titles to your credit.


Non- fictional contributions only please.


Also, as with the first book SUICIDE, I would also like to interview some of the contributors about their contributions; why they wrote it/them and the challenges they have, or are facing. Let me know if this is something you might consider too.


Both books will be published as a larger format (6 inch x 9 inch / 15.2 cm x 22.9 cm) paperback and on Kindle, and will be available from Amazon websites, Barnes and Noble and other retailers worldwide. They will also list related websites and helpful groups and associations around the world offering support and help and will have their own dedicated websites and Facebook pages.




Poetry – no word count.

Prose – max 2000 words.

Interviews – Min 500 words, no maximum.


Previously published material accepted with permission to re-publish. Please include where and when it was previously published in your submission.


I can accept up to SIX pieces per contributor (please do not send any more than 6).


Deadline for both titles: OCTOBER 31st 2019.




You retain copyright on your work; you just give me permission to publish one time for this title only. You are free to re-publish your work else-where once this title is published.




Please submit your contribution/s preferably in a word.doc, along with your writers' biography and all the social media/contact details/website etc you'd like publishing, before midnight on the 31st October, 2019 to: Make sure to mention the title you are contributing to in the subject line. Any questions about these two titles please also contact me at this hotmail address too.




I do really believe in motivating and empowering writers and poets by giving them both a voice, and a chance to get their work published and words read, however, because I have a great many writers and poets from so many different countries submitting to my collections, unfortunately I can't pay for contributions, nor send a contributors' copy out to everyone; I am not a big publishing company, it is just me and I just couldn't afford to compile and publish these collections otherwise. But, if all you are looking for is a little bit of recognition and publicity as remuneration, and for people around the world to read your work, please do consider contributing.


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"Writing your own story, in your own way, is the bravest thing you will ever do!"


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