Counselling Through Creativity


Helping and supporting others through the creative use of words.


As a form of therapy, it is undeniable that putting your thoughts into words either via a diary, poetry, song lyrics or in a short story format, can be incredibly therapeutic, and an great way of helping you recover and heal.


As a writer, author, poet, publisher, and a creative counsellor, I have been motivating and empowering people to help heal themselves by putting their thoughts and experiences down on paper (metaphorically speaking of course, as most of us now use our laptop, notepad or phone) for almost 20 years. Having been through lots of emotionally very challenging periods in my life, I really can understand what others are going through. I help others through my own understanding and experiences; helping other people, words and books are my passions and are what keeps me going.




It isn't always easy to talk to people in an open way, and it isn't always easy to find people we are comfortable talking to, or indeed who are willing to listen. Nor is it easy to find people who really understand what we are going through! And so, writing what we feel, in whatever form we find best, helps us...

  • chronicle our experiences or emotions at the time they are happening.
  • 'un mess' the mess in our minds.
  • understand what we are going through.
  • tell others about what we are going through.
  • focus on what we are going through, and at ways of getting through them.
  • look at what is happening to us in a more creative way.
  • cleanse hidden emotions or forgotten experiences that are still causing us distress.
  • put things into perspective.
  • motivate ourselves to use creativity in helping us get through our challenges and difficulties.




Supported by donations and profits from the sales of the book SUICIDE (so please order a copy!), and my forthcoming second book in my mental health series titled  ADDICTION, Counselling Through Creativity is a FREE service I provide individuals going through difficult and challenging periods of their lives and who would like to use words as a form of therapy. You can explore almost any subject; from suicidal thoughts and depression and feelings of low self-worth, to love, loneliness, betrayal... simply anything you'd like to write about! However, you DO NOT have to be a writer or a poet, or to have written anything at all before; you just need to want to self-heal, and to use words as a way to help you do this.





Putting your words down as prose; this means describing how you think and feel in a continuous  written style, just like writing a short story, article or a book. You can write in first person e.g. “I” or from another perspective e.g. “he/she” or a name, and you can write as much as you like, or as little as you like. Your grammar and spelling doesn't need to be perfect either... just write what you're feeling and I can help you with the rest.



Putting your words down as poetry; it doesn't need to rhyme or follow any set form or structure. In poetry you use far fewer words than in prose, but poetry is great at describing things in a powerful, concise and meaningful way. Poetry can be just a few lines, or a few pages; You just write the words in the way you would like them to be read and understood and I can help and advise you on different styles and formats.



Putting your words down as song lyrics; why not  write about what you think and feel as a song? You can have an introduction, verse, pre-chorus, chorus (or refrain), You can even add your own music or collaborate with a musician looking for a lyricist. Song lyrics are great too, because you can repeat important or meaningful pieces as a chorus, and use the musical side to you to marry words and phrases to notes and sounds.



Putting your words down as a diary; a diary is a really great way for immediately writing about the things you have done and seen, and how you think and feel at that precise moment. A diary is also great way of chronicling important events and significant moments as they happen, and an excellent way of looking back to see how you felt a week, a month, a year ago. A diary is a great way to help you quickly see exactly what you have gone through and what changes you have made.




As well as one-to-one creative counselling, I will also be setting up and running structured Creative Counselling workshops; ideal for schools, prisons, charities etc., in fact anywhere where people need support in using words as a creative way of expressing what they think and feel.




In the meantime, if you are in crisis, feeling sad, depressed, lonely or just want to write about how you feel but don't know where to start, contact me and I'll guide and help you sort out what you want to say, and how you want to say it.




Counselling Skills Diploma
Diploma in Relationship Psychology
Diploma in Grief and Bereavement Counselling
Diploma in Fundraising
NLP Practitioner
Positive Energy Coach
Life Coach
Anger & Aggression Management Coach
Body Healing and Pain Management Coach


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