"Only the narrow-minded refuse to be influenced by the power of literature and poetry"

My Poetry


I am not a conventional poet, my poetry is modern, simply written and very down to earth; I want my words and the themes I examine accessible to everyone, and with my words I try to look at tough and often brutal topics that need a voice but are not normally explored in traditional poetry.



The definition of poetry is:

Lliterature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm.

Encyclopedia Britannia





Although I have to date compiled and published eleven anthologies of poetry and short prose from writers and poets around the world, Naked in the Rain is my first book of my own poetry, exploring a range of challenging and tough topics and themes including being alone, the search for love, suicide, sensitivity, depression, body dysmorphia, being different, controlling relationships, abusive relationships, being lied to, homelessness, destitution and many others. I am honest and outspoken; much of what I write comes from my own personal experiences, as well as reflecting my thoughts and feelings on specific topics close to my heart. There are also a few notes at the back of the book pertaining to some of my poetry.


A few examples below:


The Person I Once Was

You have suffocated me
with your controlling behaviour,
and your approval or disapproval of everything I do.

You have smothered my personality
with your dominance,
taken the joy and zest I had for life,
and the love I had for living,
and have turned me bitter and angry
and sad and alone.

You have suppressed my dreams and goals
with your authoritarian ways,
reduced my desire to achieve,
to be different, to do different things,
to be someone significant
into a nothing, a nobody, a puppet to your personality.

Being with you has destroyed the person I once was,
and wanted to be.




Why Am I With You?

I am with you because
you pay the mortgage,
you feed the children,
you take us on holiday,
and you buy us gifts.

Not because I love you.

I am with you because
you have imprisoned me with your money,
and your promises,
and your power.

Not because I love you.

I allow you to touch me,
and you insist I touch you,

and to 'love' you,
only because I have to.

Not because I love you

Yes, I tell you I love you
but just because I have to,
and because you want me to,
and because I am trapped with you,

and because I have nowhere else to go.

Not because I love you.


Why Am I With You?
Download and listen to my recital of Why Am I With You
Why Am I With You.mp4
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Do Not Judge Me

Do not judge me for my large bank balance,
I do not have,
Or that flashy car,
I don't drive.

Do not judge me either for that glamorous job,
I don't have,
Or those good looks and perfect body,
I don't possess.

Instead, judge me for the kindness of my heart,
and the sensitivity of my soul,
and for my desire to do good and help others.

This is how you should really be judging me.


Do Not Judge Me
Download and listen to my recital of Do Not Judge Me
Do Not Judge Me.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [543.5 KB]




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