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I am not a conventional poet, my poetry is modern, simply written and very down to earth; I want my words and the themes I examine accessible to everyone and anyone, and with my words I try to give a voice to tough and often brutal topics that are not normally explored in traditional poetry.



Lliterature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm.

Encyclopedia Britannia


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Why Do You Lie?

Why do you lie to me,
and believe your lies,
and defend your lies as though they are the truth,


... and yet they are lies?


Why do you lie to me,
and then, when I question your lies,
you accuse me of not believing you,
and you get angry at me for not trusting you,
and you shout at me for not listening to you,


... and yet they are lies!


Why do your lies become your truth,
and you believe this truth,
and then you accuse me of lying
and then I become the liar,


... and yet they are lies!


Why do you lie to me,
and believe your lies,
and defend your lies as though they are the truth?


The Person I Once Was

You have suffocated me
with your controlling behaviour,
and your approval or disapproval of everything I do.

You have smothered my personality
with your dominance,
taken the joy and zest I had for life,
and the love I had for living,
and have turned me bitter and angry
and sad and alone.

You have suppressed my dreams and goals
with your authoritarian ways,
reduced my desire to achieve,
to be different, to do different things,
to be someone significant
into a nothing, a nobody, a puppet to your personality.

Being with you has destroyed the person I once was,
and wanted to be.




All I want is a home, my own home,
with lots of plants and bright flowers,
and bold, colourful pictures on the wall,
and a bright orange rug,
and a comfy cream sofa,
and a traditional record player with a collection of vinyl,
and a bookcase full of books
and a comfortable bed
with deep filled pillows and fresh clean sheets
and snuggly warm duvet,
and a kettle for my tea,
and a fridge for my milk,
and hob for my dinners,
and a washing machine to clean my clothes,
and a steaming hot shower
and sweet smelling shampoo to wash my hair,
and soap to wash my body,
and a fresh towel to dry myself.


But all I have is a dirty doorstep
in the lonely doorway
of a derelict shop.


When He Arrived

When he came into your life
you forgot about us, your children.


You hugged him and kissed him and laughed with him,
and drank wine with him and made him nice dinners,
and we listened to your moans and his grunts
through the bedroom walls,
and buried our heads deep in the pillows
and cried as you f***ed.


What he wanted, he got.
When he wanted it, he got it.
What he said, we obeyed,
when he was annoyed we ran.
When he shouted we cowered.


He was always right,
we were always wrong,
his opinion you listened to,
we were ignored.
We no longer mattered,
you no longer cared,


because when he came into your life
you forgot about us, your children.


I Am Nothing

I have nothing;
no money, no home, no job, no car.
therefore I am nothing.
In this world,
we are not who we are,
but we are what we have,
and I have nothing,
so therefore I am nothing.


And no one wants a person who has nothing.

No one.


Why Am I With You?

I am with you because
you pay the mortgage,
you feed the children,
you take us on holiday,
and you buy us gifts.

Not because I love you.

I am with you because
you have imprisoned me with your money,
and your promises,
and your power.

Not because I love you.

I allow you to touch me,
and you insist I touch you,

and to 'love' you,
only because I have to.

Not because I love you

Yes, I tell you I love you
but just because I have to,
and because you want me to,
and because I am trapped with you,

and because I have nowhere else to go.

Not because I love you.


Do Not Judge Me

Do not judge me for my large bank balance,
I do not have,
Or that flashy car,
I don't drive.

Do not judge me either for that glamorous job,
I don't have,
Or those good looks and perfect body,
I don't possess.

Instead, judge me for the kindness of my heart,
and the sensitivity of my soul,
and for my desire to do good and help others.

This is how you should really be judging me.



We weren't abused,
my brother and I;
we weren't shouted at, or hit,
or threatened,
or uncared for.

We didn't go hungry,
and we had new clothes,
and sweets and pop.

But we were still neglected,
my brother and I.


You were never proud of us,
you never praised us,
or supported us,
or empowered us to be better
to do better.


You didn't care how well we did,
or what we did,
or showed us how we could be better.


There were no happy times around the dinner table,
or help with homework,
or visits to interesting places,
or fun walks in the country,
or laughter on the beach.


You didn't know how to care,
you didn't understand how to love,
you let us out into the world emotionally neglected,

If you only knew what your neglect has done to us,

how damaged we are,

my brother and I.


Your Horrible World

You swear and you're
crude and you put
other people down. You
are often disrespectful and
laugh at others; their
faces, their bodies, the
way they talk and
what they say and
what they do. You
gossip and talk nonsense,
you're loud and aggressive,
and force yourself on
others. You're not really
interested in what other
people want, only on
what you want. You're
greedy and unkind and
selfish, and you don't
care about anyone else
apart from yourself and
what you can or
can't get from life.
And if you don't
get what you want,
and if people don't
do what you want
you're threatening and menacing
and treat them badly.

I am not surprised you live in a horrible world.


You Haven't Changed

I don't like the life you've lived,
the people you have been with,
the friend's you've had,
the things you've said,
the things you've done.

You moan about your life,
and say you want to change
but you haven't changed,
you won't change,
you cannot change.

I did once hope that maybe you were different now,
that you really wanted a different life,
a nicer life,
a calmer and quieter life,
a life away from that once tough world you lived in,
but you're still crude,
you still drink,
you still intimidate.

You're addicted,
addicted to your tough, vulgar life,
a life you lived,
and a life you still live.

You don't know any different,
you haven't changed.


I Feel Everything

When you hurt,
I feel your hurt.

When you are in pain,
I feel your pain.

When you are sad,
I feel your sadness.

When you are in despair,
I feel your desperation.

When you are unhappy,
I feel your unhappiness.

When you cry,
My eyes are full of tears too.

The world is a world of emotion, of feeling,
from which I cannot escape.

It's overwhelming,
It's consuming,
It's relentless,

how can I survive,
when there is so much hurt and pain
and sadness and despair
and unhappiness in your world.


If You Love Me

If you love me you'll do what I say;
you'll eat what I say,
you'll drink what I say,
you'll work when I say you can work,
and you'll do what I say you can do.


If you love me,
you'll talk to who I say you can talk to,
you'll have the friends I say you can have,
you'll go where I say you can go,
and you'll dress how I want you to dress.


If you love me,
you'll be who I want you to be,
you'll do what I want you to do,
you'll f**k me when I want you to f**k me,
and you'll behave exactly as I want you to behave.


If you love me,
you won't dare to question me;
what I do,
what I say,
and how I behave.


This is how I expect you to be,
If you love me.




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