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I provide bespoke publishing services, project management, ghostwriting and author support services for clients worldwide.


Whether you have an idea for a book or magazine and wish to develop it into something more tangible, or a complete manuscript ready for publishing; from concept to completion, I provide tailor-made publishing solutions, mixing and matching design, editing, marketing, project management and distribution to meet your individual needs, objectives and budget. Also, if you would like to publish your book simply for posterity, or for therapy, or to have it published and available just for your family, friends, business or workplace colleagues, I am happy to do this for you too! You can have as many private copies printed as you need, and there is no pressure to try and make your book/magazine commercially available.

“Due to circumstances following my father's death, we had little time, yet Robin Barratt produced an excellent book which my father, God bless his soul, would have been proud of. Not only of the content, but the layout and printing and cover was done in good style too. Robin has a gentle and respectful way of interviewing people of all walks of life, and made them feel comfortable to talk. Yet he has a quick intellect and common sense which is why I enjoyed working with him on the book, his knowledge on the entire process is priceless.” S.A.Kanoo


If you are unsure of when to use “ or ', or when to use a colon or semi-colon, or the difference between 80s and '80s or it's and its, or when to indent, space or to use a new paragraph, then I provide an editing and formatting package to authors who have a completed manuscript that may need editing and formatting. I will also check for structure, plot, flow, characterization and tone, as well as typos, grammar, punctuation and spelling (NOTE: Being British I use English spelling rather than US, and the Oxford Guide to Style, formerly known as Hart's Rules). Depending upon the size of the manuscript, editing can take from between two weeks and two months.



Whether it's a photographic portfolio, a children's book that needs illustrations specific to its readership age, a technical or industry manual, or simply the cover of a text based publication, my associates are my professional colleagues who provide design, photography and illustration services on a contract basis as and when required.



For text based books, I am also able to either open up an Amazon publisher's POD account and register, format, upload your title for you (so you get paid royalties directly) or, if you are unable to open an account yourself (i.e. some countries are currently not available for Amazon POD publishing), run your title under my Amazon publisher's account, as both a paperback and Kindle. Amazon POD paperbacks are sold in the US, Canada, UK and across most of Europe, and Kindle is currently available in 13 countries.


Commercial publishing is where a commercial publisher takes your complete manuscript and then produces, prints, markets and distributes it themselves in the hope that it sells well enough to cover their investment. Commercial publishers will then pay you royalties on sales every six months/year. Mainly because of regional logistics compounded by the fact that Middle East book sales are fairly low compared to the UK, US and Europe, commercial publishing across the whole of the region doesn't really exist; if you live in Bahrain, the GCC or across the Middle East, and want to publish a book, most of the time you will have to self-publish. However, if your goal with your manuscript is to see it published by a UK / US commercial publisher, I can help you with your Publisher's Presentation Pack, source publishers specific to your genre, and then send your Publisher's Presentation Pack out to all of them.



It's said that we all have a book inside us, but only a very few of us can sit down and write it! If you have a story, an interesting life story or even just an idea for a book, but simply don't have the time to write it, or English isn't your first language, or not sure how to start or structure your story, or struggling with having the dedication and commitment needed to write a whole book... then let me write it for you! A book ghostwritten by me is published under your name and, whether you sell 100 copies, or a million, you get all the royalties.


Whether you need a regular corporate magazine or newsletter, a special one-off, an photographic, artistic or creative portfolio, or a specific leisure or lifestyle magazine, I am able to project manage the whole process for you; from compiling, editing and writing editorial, sourcing articles, illustrations and images and ISBN registration, to final design and production. CLICK HERE to view the Discover Bahrain delegates magazine, CLICK HERE to view the Bahrain Arts Magazine, and CLICK HERE  to view The Empath magazine.


As a freelance writer, I also provide commissioned editorial services, and have written articles for individuals, companies and organisations and for various newspapers and magazines such as Gulf Insider, Gulf Weekly, Sur La Terre Bahrain, Time Out Bahrain, Signature Bahrain, T Qatar magazine (NY Times style magazine) as well as publications worldwide including Exotic Car, Rural Life, Norfolk magazine, Absolute Lifestyle, many more. I can write on most topics and subjects, and over the years have written articles on: Bahrain, health and fitness, bodyguarding, Russia, art and culture, lingerie, the supernatural, countryside, Vikings, rural issues, city walks, bodybuilding, The Royal Norfolk Show, summer salads, Pig farming, Harley Davidson and lots more! CONTACT ME for some examples of my articles.


No one can guarantee success with books (if we could, we authors and publishers would only ever be producing best-sellers!). But success isn't just about making money; it's about having people read your words, admire your work and loving what you do. This, in my opinion, is real success! And to take your initial idea, book project, magazine or manuscript through to a completed, published book really is a wonderful achievement that only a very, very few people ever manage to do.


IMPORTANT POINT: If you are only publishing as a way to try to make money, then please don't! Generally very few self-publishers ever make back the money they have spent on publishing. For most authors with the resources to use a bespoke publishing service such as myself, or have their book ghostwritten, it is more a way of getting their name as an author out there, and their words read and work noticed, rather than a money-making process.


Books are a honourable and noble, books last a lifetime, books can be read time and time again, and books can be passed down from generation to generation.

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