One-to-One Workshops

Using poetry and creative writing to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions behind tough life-experiences, themes and topics.




Aimed at new and developing writers and poets. Instead of exploring the usual, traditional themes poets and writers tend to look at, at my workshops we explore really tough topics based around your own personal life experiences, or themes that, for personal reasons, are close to your heart. We work together at putting into words in a constructive, creative way, your thoughts and feelings, and can explore almost any subject; from suicidal thoughts and depression, to being in controlling or abuse relationships and feelings of low self-worth.


If you cannot attend your local poetry or creative writing group, either because of time, location, the particular subjects they cover, or not wanting to share publicly the subjects you'd like to write about and explore, then consider my private one-to-one workshops. I come to you, or we meet somewhere convenient or work online, and together we explore creatively with words the topics that are of particular interest to you, and then construct, structure and build either prose or poetry (or both) around these topics.


Workshops are completely confidential, you keep your own work for you to develop and expand upon thereafter in your own time.


One-to-one workshops normally last from between 1 and 2 hours, but I can also run half and full day one-to-one workshops depending upon themes and your schedule.


Contact me for further details.


"A happy life is a life spent experiencing and learning, and empowering others to do the same."


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