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Combining my experience in security, and my love for words and writing, I offer bespoke employee newsletter services to security companies, groups, organisations and other businesses wanting to keep their staff and team members regularly updated with company news, events and information.


Whether you are a small company with just a handful of employees, or a large organisation with hundreds of employees, having a regular company newsletter is an important method of strengthening the relationship between employees and employers, as well as an effective and easy way to keep employees informed about company news, new policies, promotions, positions and awards.


You can include lots of things within your newsletter:


  • Company news round-up
  • Industry news round-up
  • Positions available within the company/organisation
  • Welcome to a new client
  • Welcome to new staff
  • Case studies or employee success stories
  • Employee hero stories
  • Employee of the month
  • Employee promotions
  • A column by an industry expert
  • Personal spotlight or profile of a particular member of staff
  • Letter from the MD/owner
  • Industry tips and advice
  • Announcements
  • Company events
  • Social events
  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Information of industry resources e.g websites, apps etc.
  • Product reviews
  • Behind the scenes team member photos
  • Behind the scenes team member/role profiles
  • Social media platforms
  • Refer a friend for employment promotion
  • Competitions


Newsletter can include images and links too. They can be sent out within the body of an email (the quickest, the most effective for readership and the most economical method), as a pdf attachment (not as popular as people don't always open and read attachments), or professionally designed and printed hardcopy on paper. Email newsletters can be sent out by yourselves via your own database and server, or via an independent mailing service (e.g. mailchimp).


Prices start at just £100 depending upon requirements, content and your company's facilities; for example you can either send me content as and when during the course of every month and I will edit, format and compile the content into a structured newsletter for the specified date of delivery. Or, if you are not confident about compiling your own content, I can visit you anywhere in the UK any number of times necessary to compile content, interview personnel, attend and review company events etc. Every newsletter and every company is different. Please click on the image below to see an example of a newsletter sent to ZED Security's employess and put onto their website.


Contact me if you would like your own newsletter.

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