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I am Robin Barratt, and I started in the security industry way back in the mid '80s, working on the doors at clubs around the UK including in London, Manchester, Wigan, Bracknell and Norwich. From door supervision I then went into nightclub management for a short while, managing a number of high-profile venues including; The Millionaire in Peterborough, EQV in Wilmslow and even Le Central on the Champs Elysée in Paris (I speak a little French). Using my door security and club management experience, I then attended a six-week close protection course in Wales and started a small security training company, eventually becoming a trainer for Worldwide Federation of Bodyguards, running CP courses in Moscow, Russia, Iceland, Sweden and the UK. I sold my company in the year 2000, had a year off and began writing my first book Doing The Doors which became a genre best-seller.

I have been writing and publishing books on and off ever since, and am now the author of 24 titles including six non-fiction true crime titles (Bouncers and Bodyguards, Confessions of a Doorman, Respect and Reputation, Mammoth Book of Hard Bastards, Britain's Toughest Women), as well as Finding Work as a Close Protection Specialist, which has been downloaded free over 10,000 times from my website, and a large number of other titles including the acclaimed Collections of Poetry and Prose book series and THE POET magazine. I also mentor, coach and help other people write and publish their own books.


Robin Barratt Security Services

Security for Private Clubs, Celebrations, Events & Dinner Parties, Exclusive Wine Bars, Residential Security and Executive Concierge & Workplace Guarding.


Robin Barratt Training Services

Workplace skills training including: Implementing Safeguarding Practices, Anger & Aggression Management and First Aid.

My Books

True Crime, The Kingdom of Bahrain, Poetry & Short Prose, Steroids, Inspiration, and most of my other titles.

Finding Work as a Close Protection Specialist - WORKSHOP

A half-day workshop for close protection training providers wishing to offer their students extra help and support in looking for work once they have completed their initial close protection training.


"If you don't want to lead an ordinary life...

don't do ordinary things!"


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