ROBIN BARRATT Author, Writer & Publisher / Life Coaching & Personal Development
ROBIN BARRATTAuthor, Writer & Publisher / Life Coaching & Personal Development


Author, Writer & Publisher / Life Coaching & Personal Development

I have been writing and publishing since around the year 2000, after stepping away from full-time security training and operations, an industry I was in for twenty years previously.


I am a genre best-selling author of six non-fiction true crime books, one biography, three self-help guides, two travel anthologies, a large number of poetry and short prose collections, a guide to holistic therapy and a guide to self-defense, as well as number of Kindle ebooks on a range of topics and subjects. I have also written a large number of articles for magazines and newspapers worldwide including: Gulf Insider, T Qatar, Gulf Weekly, Time Out, Signature, Absolute Lifestyle, Sur La Terre, Norfolk magazine, Exotic Car magazine, Rural Life, Norfolk magazine... and many others.


I am also a Life Coach & Personal Development trainer, as well as an acute Empath, and will shortly be publishing The Empath, the only magazine in the world dedicated exclusively to HSP.

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Three new and very different titles planned for release this spring: HAPPY - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Happiness and Being Happy - CLICK HERE for further details, The Complete Guide to Self-Defense, Fighting Styles and Close Quarter Combat Systems - CLICK HERE for further details and The Complete Guide to Holistic, Healing and Complementary Therapies - CLICK HERE for further details

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