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Books really are great gifts! And Christmas IS coming, so if you fancy treating yourself to a copy of one of my books, or buying one as a present for someone else, please let me know; I can inscribe it to someone and wrap it too, and post it to most places worldwide! List of my available titles below, click on them or click on BOOKS in the menu for more info. Or go to my Amazon author's page.


If you don't want to lead an ordinary life... don't do ordinary things!


DISCOVER BAHRAIN  - a travellers' guide to the Kingdom of Bahrain


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THE CHALLENGES OF FINDING LOVE ... and why men sometimes get it so wrong!


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SEASONS - A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

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A Professionals' Guide to 24 Urban Self-Defence and Close Quarter Combat Systems


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Robin Barratt Close Protection
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