"If you don't want to lead an ordinary life...

don't do ordinary things!"

“Hello and thank you for looking at my website! After a career in security and leisure management, I am now an author, writer and poet. I also offer publishing support services, writing and poetry workshops, word therapy and provide articles and editorial for magazines and newspapers worldwide. Please click on the menu for further details and, if you need more information about anything or just fancy a chat, feel free to contact me anytime!”

Workshops & Word Therapy

Writing What We Feel poetry and creative writing workshops and word therapy - putting into words our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Publishing Services

Affordable publishing, self-publishing,  ghostwriting and author support services for writers, poets and authors anywhere in the world.

My Books

From true crime and close protection, to poetry and inspiration, I write and publish across a range of topics and genres.... in fact, whatever interests me!

My Poetry

My poetry is simple and down to earth, and aimed at anyone and everyone. And with my words I try to explore tough, and often brutal themes and topics not normally explored in conventional poetry.

Articles & Editorial

A wide range of articles and editorial available across a range of themes and topics including Middle East and Asian arts, poetry and literature, martial arts and fitness.

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