Hi, I'm Robin Barratt and thank you for looking at my website. I started working in the security industry way back in the mid '80s. I then went into nightclub management for a short while, managing a number of high-profile venues including; The Millionaire in Peterborough, EQV in Wilmslow and even Le Central on the Champs Elysée in Paris (I speak a little French) and then, using my security and club management experience, I then attended a six-week close protection course in Wales, became operational with Fortune 500 companies including Exide Technologies and Dow Chemicals, and started a small security training company, eventually becoming International Training Manager for the Worldwide Federation of Bodyguards, running Close Protection training courses in Russia, Iceland, Sweden and the UK.


In 2002, I sold my security company and began writing my first book Doing The Doors, which became a genre best-seller and a cult book for door supervisors. I have been writing and publishing ever since, and am now the author of a large number of books including six non-fiction, true crime titles (publishers include Random House/Penguin, Mainstream, Constable Robinson and Milo), and two travel anthologies about the Kingdom of Bahrain where I lived for four years. I have also edited, produced and published the acclaimed Collections of Poetry and Prose series of ten books featuring almost 1400 pieces of work from 265 writers and poets from 49 countries around the world - all writing on particular themes and topics, and for a year I edited and produced The Bahrain Arts Magazine, showcasing Bahrain based artists, photographers, sculptures, writers and poets. I currently edit THE POET, an online magazine recognised for its interviews and profiles of poets around the world. On top of this, I have also written articles for magazines worldwide including; Signature, Sur La Terre, Gulf Insider, Time Out, Norfolk magazine, Absolute Lifestyle, T Qatar, and others, and mentor, coach and help other people write and publish their own books. Click on MY BOOKS below for details of most of my titles, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like a signed copy of any of my books. Happy reading!

Robin Barratt

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True Crime, Poetry and Prose, The Kingdom of Bahrain, Mental Health, Security, Close Protection, Sport, Inspiration, Biography, Relationships, most of my books are listed here.


Recognised for its indepth interviews, THE POET is devoted to showcasing amazing poets and poetry around the world.


A new online magazine exploring the lives and work of artists in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and what motivates and inspires them to create.

"If you don't want to lead an ordinary life...

don't do ordinary things!"


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