"If you don't want to lead an ordinary life...

don't do ordinary things!"


Author, writer, poet and publisher.


“Thank you for looking at my website! After a career in security, I am now an author, writer, publisher and poet. I started writing back in 2003, and am now a genre best-selling author of six non-fiction true crime books, as well as a number of other books including one biography, two self-help guides and three anthologies about life and living in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where I lived for four years, and where I was also commissioned to produce and publish a quality book for the Kanoo family; one of the biggest Arab merchant families in the Gulf region. I also founded, edited and published the Bahrain Arts Magazine, the country's leading online arts platform, and I compile and publish the acclaimed Collections of Poetry and Prose book series featuring almost 1400 pieces of work from 265 writers and poets from 49 countries around the world, all writing on particular topics and themes. I have also written articles for magazines and newspapers worldwide including; Gulf Insider, Sur La Terre, Time Out, Norfolk magazine, Absolute Lifestyle, Signature magazine, Exotic Car magazine and many more. Please click on the menu for further details and, if you need more information about anything or just fancy a chat, feel free to contact me anytime!”


My Books

From true crime and close protection, to poetry, inspiration, relationships and travel, I write, compile, edit and publish across a range of topics and genres... whatever interests me!

Publishing Services

Affordable publishing, self-publishing, ghostwriting and author support services for writers and poets anywhere in the world.

Counselling Through Creativity

A not-for-profit organisation helping and supporting others through the creative use of words as a effective, therapeutic tool for self-help and healing.

My Poetry

With my words I try to give a voice to tough and often brutal topics that are not normally explored in traditional poetry.


SUICIDE – A collection of poetry and short prose from writers around the world on the themes of suicide and self-harm.

Bahrain Arts Magazine

Bahrain's leading e-magazine and online arts platform showcasing both Bahraini and Bahrain based photographers, artists, sculptors, musicians, writers and poets.


Contact me if you would like to publish your own magazine (online/hardcopy).

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